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With our professional help packing, you can have peace of mind that your items will arrive undamaged.

As any moving company will tell you – they are not responsible for poorly packed belongings that get broken during shipment. What that means to you if you are moving across town here in Winston-Salem, North Carolina or out of the area, it is important to carefully pack your belongings, especially fragile or irreplaceable items. At Monarch Living LLC, we understand that you may need help packing if you aren’t familiar with the packing protocols that will keep your items safe. Our packing services are available whether this is a concern or if you simply need help to get ready for moving day because of time constraints or physical limitations.

Help Packing in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

We specialize in senior moves because we recognize that reaching retirement sometimes means moving from a large family home into a more manageable one now that you have a smaller household to maintain. If you have been in the same home for several decades, downsizing comes with distinct logistical and emotional challenges we are equipped to assist you with. If you need more than just help packing, such as arranging for certain items to be donated, shipped to family members, or sold through an estate sale or auction, we can help you make that process go smoothly.

We can also help you by interviewing, scheduling, and overseeing the movers so that moving day can be far less stressful for you. Whether you just need help packing or you would like to also know about our other moving services, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.