When the Bookworm Downsizes…

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June is Audiobook Appreciation Month. Perhaps you’ve considered trying audiobooks but need a nudge to get started. Well, all right, let’s talk about a few good reasons to give audiobooks a try!

When the Bookworm Downsizes…

Contribute to Downsizing

If you’re in the mindset to downsize your home and/or your belongings, transitioning your library from traditional bookshelves to audiobooks is a great start. For avid readers (and you know who you are), bookstores are like a moth to a flame! There’s always a new book you want to read. But buying audiobooks is an excellent alternative if bookshelf space is crowded (or non-existent).

As part of your downsizing efforts, go through your current library and set aside books you’re not likely to re-read and donate them to local libraries, senior living centers, or other care facilities that will make good use of your generosity. Keep the favorites you love to revisit but start building your audio library for future reading.

Enhance Listening Skills

For young and older generations, listening to audiobooks has proven to boost listening skills. Honing one’s listening ability is a good skill to develop and train — no matter your age. Listening to a book and hearing the readers’ tones and nuances strengthens listening for understanding versus simply listening to respond.

Ease Eyestrain/Enhance Relaxation

According to research, on average, we look at screens seven or more hours per day. So, let’s face it; our eyes can use a rest. Listening to a book achieves just that while taking us to the place/time the characters reside. So, it’s a relaxation for our eyes and an escape for our minds.

Benefit Other Activities

Take the drudgery away from daily tasks like cleaning. Listen to a book instead of the radio while driving. Exercise while listening to a book – that workout will go by faster! We all talk about multi-tasking. This is a great option to make that happen. You’ll end up with a picked-up, clean house and wonder how you finished so quickly! Miles will fly by, and you’ll be at your destination before you know it!

Help Sleeping

Now, there’s a topic we can all relate to! It’s hard to turn off your mind at night if you’re looking at your phone, reading texts, checking out Facebook, etc. So put down the social media device. Pick up your audiobook, set the sleep timer, and be lulled off the dreamland. If you’re one of those folks who wake up in the middle of the night, just reset the sleep time and go back to your zzzzzz’s.

Give audiobooks a try! Ask your friends which service they prefer and select a few books you’ve wanted to read (i.e., listen to) and see how you can fit audiobooks into your world!

Happy Listening!