Minimize Your Risk of a Bathroom Fall By Following These Tips

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Splish, splash, I was takin’ a bath

Long about a Saturday night (Bobby Darin)

Slipping and a’ sliding are not the best lyrics during Bath Safety Month (or any month for that matter)! We don’t want them to be. So, what can we do to ensure that we’re ‘just relaxin’ in the tub’ safely?

Minimize Your Risk of a Bathroom Fall By Following These Tips

Falls and slips in the bathroom account for over 200,000 injuries annually. To minimize your risk, consider the following:

  • Change the traditional height toilets to a taller model. Getting up and down can be surprisingly challenging as we age, and the taller models can certainly help.
  • Install grip bars for getting in and out of the tub or shower. Be sure they’re sturdy enough to support an adult’s weight and not just the suction-type that are prone to slide down the wall under pressure. A towel bar is not a good option either, as it’s not designed for safety.
  • Invest in slip-resistant mats for the bathroom floors. Those plush, fluffy rugs are pretty, but you don’t need to surf across the floor on a wet rug! For the shower, mats with suction cups on the bottom work well. For the young at heart, those rubber ducky grippers are safe and whimsical. Let your inner child have some fun!
  • While we’re ‘in the tub,’ be sure that soap caddies are in easy reach and stocked with everything you need—soap, razors (with safety shields on), shampoo, conditioners, etc. You don’t want to be reaching on tiptoes for anything.
  • If you find yourself dreading standing in the shower, get a shower chair, so you can enjoy and relax while bathing.
  • No electronics near the sink, bath, or shower. We get comfortable with hairdryers, etc., and forget that, with one drop on a wet floor, sparks can fly. Make it a habit to wait until you’re dry and the floor is dry to plug in hairdryers.
  • And leave the phone in another room. Consider your bathroom your private spa. But let’s be real, don’t we all enjoy a break from the ever-present mobile phone?
  • Be sure your bathroom is well-lit. If you find yourself getting up more frequently at night for bathroom visits, add a nightlight. Our night vision isn’t that great to begin with, and tripping over stuff when you’re half-asleep is a concern.

With some adjustment, your bath can be a safe haven for you to enjoy, relax, and sing to your heart’s content Saturday night or any other time!