It’s Family Memories Month!

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Memories. It’s a safe bet that your family has one or two classic tales that you share at every gathering. Right? Of course! Those funny, at times embarrassing, happenings that you say you’d like to forget, but you really love that others can still find them funny, amazing, and heartwarming. Those are unique, special, and worth saving.

Memories are special. They get passed down generation by generation and eventually define that person on your family tree. Many times, they set someone apart. Everyone can’t say that “George Washington stayed here,” but every person brings something that’s uniquely them to the family tree – and that makes them worth remembering.

It’s Family Memories Month!

What are the ways that you can preserve family memories?

Smile for the camera! Be sure to take photos at every family get-together. Use the camera timer so everyone can be included, or even hire a professional photographer! Perhaps create an event or annual family album to capture special times together. That way, you can take trips down memory lane and enjoy who’s joined the family and how everyone has changed over time.

Write it down! Those family tales that make you smile, shed a tear, or remember those who’ve passed on — write them out so that their stories can be shared. You don’t have to be a writer or have made straight As in English. Just write the story as you’ve always heard it. Better yet, tape your grandparents or parents talking about their childhood, military service, work, marriage, children, high points of their lives, etc. You’ll have their stories in their own words and can transcribe them into print at your leisure.

Recipes! Don’t you love making something that your grandmother made for you as a child? Get those recipes, even if you have to stand beside them and write the steps down as they cook — it’s likely they have all the information in their heads instead of on paper. Good luck figuring out how a pinch of this or that relates to measurements!

Create memories with crafts! For the crafty family members, there are many ways to make special memories:

  • Create a family recipe book.
  • Make memory quilts from t-shirts, ties, aprons, etc.
  • Create a memory wall where family members can sign in during events.
  • Make a commemorative photo with copies for everyone.

November is Family Memories Month. So, find what works for your family and share those memories!