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Ah, Christmas, and the entire house is decorated. Perhaps your style is tasteful and minimal with a lovely wreath on the door, red candles and a garland on the hearth, and a tree loaded with ornaments and lights in the corner. Or you’re of the Griswold mindset, and the tree is so big it’s taken over half the room! And outside, well, the power company is going to celebrate your payment this month!

Christmas Storage Solutions

Either way, after Christmas, somebody is going to have to take everything down and store it. Funny how every family member disappears at the mention of ‘time to put the decoration away.’ But nonetheless, you have precious memories to save and, if you want them to be kept for future generations, there are some inexpensive, time-saving tips for storage.

  • Save those Christmas wrapper tubes! They’re great for rolling strands of lights to keep them tangle-free. They’ll fit in a hanging storage caddy for wrapping paper nicely.
  • Got ornaments? To protect family heirloom ornaments, invest in an ornament storage container. They have insert dividers, so each ornament has its own little space and won’t bang into others. Or, depending on the size of your ornaments, you can use repurposed egg cartons!
  • Storage bins! Don’t you love those big storage bins that can hold so much? Invest in a few specifically for Christmas, and while you’re at it, make them easy to find by getting red and green ones.
  • Hooks and holders! Get yourself a fishing tackle box and use those to store ornament hooks, etc. Please get a new one, so the tree doesn’t take on the odor of last summer’s fishing trip!
  • Where to put the wreath? You can find wreath storage containers that are hard plastic, guaranteed not to squish your wreath. Or you can hang it on a rafter in the attic in a large garbage bag, so it’s ready to go next year.
  • The tree! If your tree is artificial, you can use tree storage bags, find an attic spot for it or make a spot in the garage. This saves time, so you don’t have to put it together every year. Some folks save their trees fully decorated, but putting the ornaments up is so much fun – you don’t want to miss that.
  • Christmas candles. Best not to store them with the ornaments or in the attic or garage – you’ll likely end of with melted gobs that are stuck together and useless. Store candles in the top of a closet in a small storage container.

And with all that said, if it’s time to downsize your Christmas decor, make sure the family knows before you begin disposing. You never know — your loved ones may have a sentimental attachment to specific ornaments or stockings that you never knew about!