An Organized Home Office Has Many Benefits

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March is Organize Your Home Office Month! Having a home office is a staple for many; a designated space to not only process the business of a household but to also keep your financial paperwork organized and private.

An Organized Home Office Has Many Benefits

First – if you don’t have one, select a desk or worktable that suits your needs. Be kind to your back and perhaps consider one that can be a sitting or standing desk. Invest in an ergonomic chair. Comfort is important for a productive mind! Add a side chair for clients as needed.

Now for the supplies! It’s almost as exciting as when you picked out school supplies for the new school year! You’ll need a calendar, notepads, pens/pencils, stapler, clips, etc. You may have to rein yourself in and check how much you’ve budgeted for supplies. Pretty storage boxes found at Hobby Lobby can help keep the desktop clean with your office essentials nearby while keeping the desktop free from clutter.

A computer is likely your biggest-ticket item, along with whatever software you need. Invest in training as needed to familiarize yourself with how to use the system. Local community colleges, perhaps the computer retailer or small business associations, have options available to help.

Also – as part of your organization plan, consider going paperless. Scan your important documents and store them electronically. However, if paper is your way, invest in a good filing cabinet and commit to weekly filing to keep Mount Paperwork under control.

Keeping your home office clean and organized is a gift to yourself, your spouse, and even your children. When things need to be quickly accessed, an organized home office will be a lifesaver.