Adopt-a-Dog Month

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Have you always wanted a dog, but hectic work schedules and the daily grind made it impossible? October is “Adopt-a-Dog Month,” so perhaps it’s finally time to visit a local rescue shelter. No doubt, there’s a dog out there waiting for you to adopt it and make it part of your home.

Adopt-a-Dog Month

Perhaps you’re on the fence about taking on the responsibility of a dog now. There are many reasons that having a dog will benefit you. Do some research and consider adopting a rescue dog that needs a human to take care of just as much as you need to look after them.

Let’s consider that you may be a recent retiree or find yourself alone, wondering what your purpose is now. Find a rescue dog, and you’ve certainly found a purpose. You have in one dog both a fur-baby and a buddy, a friend who always listens, who hangs on your every word, adores you (those puppy eyes work like a charm!), and is willing and able to adjust to your lifestyle and schedule, just for the joy of being with you.

Let’s face it, being greeted at the door by a bundle of tail-wagging energy who is clearly thrilled to have you home can lift your mood like nothing else! It doesn’t matter if you just walked to the mailbox or were out for hours. You’re home – it’s a celebration!

You’ll never be alone. Dogs want to be where you are, always. Case in point, go to a room and shut them out; it’s a given, they’re right there when the door opens, giving you those ‘why didn’t you let me in?’ looks. It makes you wonder, who’s training whom, right?

If trained early to enjoy car rides, they can be wonderful traveling companions. Ready to have an adventure? Your fur-baby is, too! Just check ahead to be sure hotels or campgrounds are pet friendly.

Dogs can get you out of your shell. If you’re inclined to be an introvert, your fur-baby can make it easier for you to socialize. A dog on a leash is like an invitation to converse. People ask about your pet’s name, where you got him/her, etc. You find yourself beaming like a proud parent at how well your ‘baby’ behaves. You’ve found a new circle of friends who share common interests – at the vet, the dog park, the pet store, groomer, etc.

You may also find yourself exercising more than you ever imagined. Dogs love to go on walks and need to get out and about. Playing catch with a dog is fun and good exercise for you both. This is especially so if your dog has the attitude ‘well you threw it, so you get it.’ (And you will!)

Dogs are protectors, whether they’re large or small. It’s proven that burglars have less interest in homes with a barking dog. From the outside, no one knows what size your dog is; it could be six pounds of fur bouncing off the floor with every bark, and that’s enough to deter someone.

Reduce your stress, have a purpose, and enjoy life! Get a dog! There are plenty of great dogs ready and waiting for their person to show up and take them home!